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Awakening Value™ is a collaborative consultancy focusing on creating quantum shifts in organizational intelligence and thrivability, to bring businesses forward as fully conscious enterprises. Application of core organizing principles activates ‘precision consciousness.’ Leaders and organizations are transformed into powerhouses of ‘real time’ value creation and visionary action for immediate and continuous economic and social benefit.

Activating ‘Precision Consciousness’

A fully conscious business is not just ‘green’, or dedicated to the triple bottom line, or fair and equitable. A conscious organization consists of individuals who use perception and awareness to stay connected and responsive to ‘real-time’ information. They do not depend solely on big data measures and other lagging indicators to guide their actions and value-creation.

A fully conscious business applies the organizing principles of ‘precision consciousness’ to all of its engagements, to awaken and deliver new dimensions of value.

Awakening Value™ Services discover and activate innate relational and strategic intelligence to spark an on-going, dynamic expression of your organization’s purpose and mission. This is ‘precision consciousness’ in action, awakening value.

By applying the organizing principles of human perception and awareness to the culture, leadership, ‘team-ship’ and creative power of your business, you and the members of your organization begin to craft your unique processes and outcomes – ‘conscious’ processes that will connect you, not separate you; ‘precision’ outcomes that will insure greater continuity and resilience as you grow your organization, not greater risk.

The Awakening Value™ process gives you the source principles and skills to create your own best ‘framework’ of operation, one that will enhance your unique value and empower you to create successful outcomes over and over, not just once.

To put it another way, Awakening Value services are not the usual consultancy services – we don’t solve your problems per se. We ‘organize’ your real-time situation, and give you the unique principles that will spark your organization’s precision consciousness. We help you master the application of these core principles so you become truly conscious value ‘awakeners’ and experts in the relationship-building and surges of innovation required for meaningful, on-going value creation in the 21st century and beyond.

The Awakening Value Practice

  • Diagnostic Through the Awakening Value Diagnostic process, clarifying current patterns of strategic thinking, action and relationship.
  • Activation Applying the findings of the diagnostic to re-craft current patterns and activate precision consciousness in an organization’s purpose, vision, and value creation.
  • Cultivation Embodying the new patterns in an organization's culture and stewarding their use in creating new and continuous levels of awakened value.

Advisory Services

Awakening Value™ also acts as an advisor, bringing the guidelines of precision consciousness to initiatives, new ventures, projects, mergers, or acquisitions.

Mastery Sessions

Mastery sessions are available for leaders and teams who want to achieve higher levels of skill in using the technologies of consciousness in their spheres of service.

About The Technologies  The technologies of consciousness are experiential technologies – they must be ‘embodied’ in order to use them. This means the full power of your awareness is organized by the knowledge of each principle, and that knowledge focuses your awareness, creativity, and actions so you function at your most creative, efficient level. In other words, embodying these principles places you in a dynamic state of ‘precision consciousness’. The principles operate simultaneously, at all scales, in all dimensions, so embodying them fully opens you to orders of magnitude more vision, innovative skill, collective intelligence, and scalability, and erases the problems we face when we are only awake to strategy.