The Power Of Awareness Text

Awakening Value™ offers a wonderful service to businesses and organizations around the world – concise information and practical applications, and a very lucid and timely discussion. You are a great teacher and consulant!
– Carol Dearborn, President, The Sufficiency Foundation

What you are doing at Awakening Value™ is truly worthwhile. You are reaching into the collective and expanding it. It is awe-inspiring.
– Elizabeth Becker, Director, Partner Marketing – Corporate Sponsorships,

Nobody talks about the intangibles/invisibles of life – spirit, feeling, consciousness, being present with the third eye open – as a vital part of business the way Marti does! Brava!
– Rhonda Bennon, Attorney at Law, The Empire Group, San Francisco

Thank you so much Marti. I feel really honored to be working with you, and I’m so impressed by the work you are doing.
– Mike Goodman, Business Consultant, Australia

Marti’s effervescent spirit, multi-dimensional experience, design/science background, and talent for clear communication are incredibly refreshing. She is a bright light with a gift for matching seemingly disparate puzzle pieces together.
– Geoff Pucket, event designer and President/Founder of EffectDesign, Inc., California

More people need to learn what Marti knows. She is very skilled at communicating and teaching the bigger picture, which becomes visible when we are fully awake.
– Jerry Michalski, Founder of REX, The Relationship Economy Expedition